2 Cu Ft Mulch Bag

2 Cu Ft Mulch Bag

2 Cu Ft Mulch Bag

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Mulch is a versatile landscaping material that can help to enhance the look of your garden or yard while also providing a variety of benefits for your plants. Made from a variety of natural materials, including wood chips, bark, and leaves, mulch is designed to be spread on top of the soil in gardens, flower beds, and around trees and shrubs. This can help to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weed growth, and protect your plants from the elements. In addition, mulch can also improve the overall aesthetic of your landscape, providing a polished and finished look to your garden or yard.

A 2 cubic foot bag will cover approximately 9 square feet. 

Mulch Color

Bulk mulch is purchased by the cubic yard

We recommend laying mulch down 3" deep.

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