Hydrangea “Twist-n-Shout”

Hydrangea “Twist-n-Shout”

Hydrangea “Twist-n-Shout”

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It's renowned for its unique lacecap flowers, which feature a ring of large, showy sterile florets surrounding smaller, fertile florets. This cultivar is particularly prized for its ability to produce blooms on both old and new wood, providing extended flowering periods from late spring through summer. The flowers typically start as deep pink or purple and gradually fade to shades of blue or mauve, depending on soil acidity. "Twist-n-Shout" is known for its compact size, making it suitable for smaller gardens or container cultivation.

Container Size: 3 gallon.

Light Requirements: Partial Shade

Bloom Color: Pink/Blue

Mature Size: 3-5' tall, 3-4' wide

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